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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)
One of the Hottest Topics in Court Technology Today
Take this opportunity to learn more about Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and see if it's right for your court. Find out how ODR can improve courts’ efficiency, reduce case backlogs, and increase access to justice. These recorded webinars are chalked full of valuable information.
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Basics -- View recording » 

During this webinar recording, Colin will take you through the fundamentals of ODR, some real-world examples and case studies, as well as several key considerations for its applicability to different types of disputes and courts. (Recorded: 1/23/2018; 60 minutes)
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Best Practices -- View recording »

In this webinar recording, we will take a deeper dive as our presenter, Colin Rule, uses his decades of experience, to share best practices of what makes successful, authentic Online Dispute Resolution. (Recorded: 2/27/2018; 60 minutes)
How to Successfully Deploy ODR in Your Court -- View recording »  
In this webinar, Colin will discuss how to successfully deploy ODR in your court. What best practices to implement, what pitfalls to avoid, and most importantly, how you can free up more time for judges and court staff to redeploy their valuable time and attention to more complex, high value cases while reducing case backlogs and improving citizen satisfaction. (Recorded: 4/17/2018; 71 minutes)

Colin Rule, Founder, Modria
Colin Rule, webinar series host, started one of the first ODR companies in 1999 and later went on to found Modria, the first ODR company to build systems at scale for government agencies and businesses. Colin has played a leading role in developing standards and practices and has written two books and hundreds of articles on the subject and has hosted more than a hundred webinars on this topic.
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