Reimagining Justice Together

Join us as we leverage technology to create
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Reimagining Justice Together

With more than three decades of experience partnering with the public sector, Tyler has everything you need to manage your day-to-day operations while increasing efficiency and expanding access to justice. Every day, our integrated justice solutions help agencies like yours leverage software to boost productivity while better serving citizens.

Lets reimagine justice, together!

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Enhance Pretrial

Using data from multiple sources provides a broader and deeper range of information on risk factors than simply relying on assessments alone. The goal? More informed pretrial release decisions that ultimately reduce pretrial detention, jail overcrowding, and associated costs.


Court Insights

By tapping into the data stored in case management systems, you can visualize and better understand the immediate and long-term impacts of court closures. With this information, you are empowered to make strategic decisions about resources moving forward.

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Jury Trials in a
Post-Pandemic World
How Courts are Managing

Lassoing the Locomotive

December 7 at 1:45 PM EST | Add to Calendar

The events of 2020 — the pandemic, civil unrest, and natural disasters — have quickly accelerated court innovation by a decade. Forward-looking preparation has allowed many courts to adapt, and to evolve. In this session, learn the keys to harnessing the new pace of change in court operations, based on real results. We will also discuss new challenges and opportunities courts will face and how to thrive, rather than just survive.
Sponsored session by Tyler Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Presented by:


Bruce Graham
Senior Strategy Advisor
Tyler Technologies

Bruce Graham joined Tyler Technologies in 2008 as president of the Courts & Justice Division. In January 2020, he transitioned to the role of senior strategy officer, continuing to work with other Tyler executives in shaping vision and strategy while also pursuing his passion of working with the nonprofit organization Both Ends Believing. Tyler partners with Both Ends Believing to provide Children First software to manage cases, plan outcomes, and place children with loving families. Prior to Tyler, he served as senior vice president of consulting and global and enterprise accounts at BEA Systems, now part of Oracle. An alumnus of Texas Tech University, he was a founding partner at The Feld Group, an IT strategy and technology firm, and has served as chief information officer of several multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Learn About Ways to Lasso the Locomotive

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Move to the Cloud

Cloud-based systems enable remote operations, ensure business continuity in the face of disruptions, maximize uptime, and reduce need for infrastructure and associated costs. In a year of challenges, court leaders nationwide are transforming their entire business model with SaaS. 


Prevent Case Backlogs

Courts across the country are using ODR to decrease the number of cases pending on their docket when court finally resumes. Modria® online dispute resolute (ODR) empowers litigants to resolve their civil case online and in half the time of traditional court processes. Using easy-to-understand terminology, it walks the case parties through each step to reach a resolution and can virtually include a mediator, if necessary.

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Jury Management

Virtual jury management allows courts to communicate with jurors in real time via text message, streamline summons production and pre-notify jurors by email, enable online panel assignments, process electronic and remote payments for jurors, and stagger juror scheduling to aid in maintaining social distancing guidelines.

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Connect Virtual Hearings to your CMS

Conducting remote hearings is about more than simply being able to see the case parties through a live video stream. Tyler Virtual Court integrates with Tyler's Case Management Systems to streamline processes. Intentionally designed for the justice system through collaboration with courts from around the country, Tyler Virtual Court has been key in helping many jurisdictions alleviate case backlog built up from court closures.

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We are always looking for growth and improvement opportunities. Embracing technological advancements and software updates while collaborating with Tyler ensures that our office is positioned to meet our goals.

Judge Randall Slagle

Travis County, TX Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

How Can Courts Better Manage Caseloads During COVID-19 and Beyond?

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