Location, Location, Location: GIS-Centric Strategies for Keeping Your Community Informed & Engaged in Planning


Horry County, South Carolina, is known for its beaches — bringing millions of visitors every year. It’s also SC’s largest county, which when combined with its diverse, ever-shifting demographics, can pose unique challenges for community planning. The local government needed technology that could support the varied needs of residents and visitors, spread out across nearly 1,200 square miles.

In this session, Tim Oliver, CIO for Horry County, will discuss how putting GIS at the core of every line of business can allow organizations to make vital location-specific data readily accessible to residents, developers, contractors, and visitors — from building permits, zoning, and land hazards, to crime, community events, and even road closures. Mirroring the convenient, personalized technology that citizens expect today, Tim will share how Horry County built innovative applications to serve up relevant community data based on location, rather than overwhelming constituents with county-wide data.

Discover how the county’s GIS-driven applications are helping the community make more informed planning decisions, and in turn, accelerating development. Plus, get an exciting glimpse into future Horry County technology initiatives, including a new process-driven website and robotic process automation (RPA) for code enforcement.

Learning outcomes:

  • Get replicable advice for leveraging your GIS data to create more effective, engaging, and inclusive planning tools.
  • Understand constituents’ new expectations of local government technology and the importance of the end-user experience.

Please Note: This is an industry supported program and is not eligible for CEUs. Disclaimer: The views expressed by presenters in this program should not be construed as directly representing the views of APA. APA does not endorse any products or services promoted in this program. 


GIS-Centric Strategies for Keeping Communities
Informed & Engaged in Planning