Solutions to Help Serve Communities During Crisis and Recovery

COVID-19 conditions are evolving daily. We understand that you need solutions to continue providing services no matter how the situation shifts.

Image_Mix_Man_Computer.pngThe Entellitrak platform is purpose-built to support the wide range of case management needs across all government functions. And because the platform is continuously configurable, our clients are able to speedily deploy new applications, add functionality, and adjust their workflows to the current situation, knowing they can adjust again once we reach the recovery phase and whatever our “new normal” looks like.

As you prepare to return to work, we are here to help you build the applications you need to manage recovery and future crisis planning. Let us help you identify, develop, and employ high-impact business applications that will help you return to work, schedule and deliver needed resources, and connect with your constituents wherever you, or they, may be.

For information about how you can begin using Entellitrak-based solutions, contact the Entellitrak team.

Configurable Case Management 
The way government agencies handle cases and deliver services must evolve rapidly as COVID-19 conditions change.
Whether you provide human capital, investigations & audits, regulatory enforcement and licensing, or disability & benefits services, we have continuously configurable solutions to help you serve your community.

Explore Case Management Solutions

Disability & Benefits

Entellitrak-based systems allow agencies to continue managing benefits, waiver programs, and appeals, even when offices are closed.

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EEO & Human Capital

The EEO Excellence Suite supports these fundamental activities such as managing Reasonable Accommodation requests and continuing required EEO reporting, even in the wake of COVID-19. 

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Investigation & Audits

A public health crisis can lead to new or increased kinds of fraud and criminal behavior. Your systems must be set up to track and share the data to close these cases.

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Regulatory agencies must have systems in place that allow them to adjust to changing circumstances—whether that means extending license expiration dates, changing the requirements for certain types of business or professional licenses, or tracking violations in new ways.


With the top-of-the-line service and quality provided by Tyler's Entellitrak team, we were able to quickly roll out this completely digital process with no delays in assisting New York's veterans.

Jim McDonough

director of the New York State Division of Veterans' Services

Helping Maintain Veterans Benefits

A new API allows the NY DVA to process veterans’ claims remotely.


Optimizing Service Delivery

Are you providing services in the most effective way?