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Mapping out relationships between people, places, crimes, and more while working a case can be time consuming and hard to do without the right tools. By moving on from antiquated evidence boards and leveraging technology to do the heavy lifting, making vital connections is easy. Link Analysis — from Tyler Technologies — is a data-driven tool that leverages your records management system's information to quickly identify and map out case relationships in any investigation. 

Since Link Analysis utilizes data within your existing records management system, there's no need for third-party crime analysis solutions that require you to decide what information is important and what should be imported or exported. It removes the ambiguity of your data and brings hidden connections into the light that may not be visible on the surface, helping you reach conclusions faster. 

Link Analysis' intuitive, user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone in your agency to understand the information being presented. You don't have to be a crime analyst or go through extensive training in order to use the tool. And with multiple views and graph layouts available, you can view the data in a manner that best suits your needs.

At the end of the day, Link Analysis helps you establish leads and solve cases faster. Sign up for a demo today and see how Link Analysis can benefit your agency.


Identify Leads Faster During Investigations

Find out how Link Analysis helps quickly expose hidden connections between suspects, locations, events, and criminal incidents by downloading this product sheet. 

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5 Ways Data Revolutionizes Manual Crime Analysis

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Digitally Connecting the Dots

Check out this Technology Spotlight in Police Magazine on Link Analysis. It dives deeper into how Link Analysis quickly mines databases to help investigators discover relationships between places, people, events, and vehicles and how it's easy for anyone in your agency to use. 

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Webinar: Streamlining Investigations

Watch the recording of our September 23, webinar for a high-level overview of how Link Analysis helps eliminate manual investigation work by discovering relationships between contacts, addresses, and previous incidents through law enforcement records integration.

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