Because Entellitrak is architected for the workflow, infrastructure, and support needs of the public sector, it enables us to rapidly deliver improved performance at a lower cost.

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At every level, the work of government requires the collection, tracking, and sharing of data — but no two government agencies or departments work exactly alike. Tyler's Entellitrak platform, a low-code application development platform for case management, allows you to develop and deploy case management and business process management applications that specifically follow your processes and meet your needs. It gives government agencies the ability to track, collaborate, and report on the data that drives activities forward.

  • Collaboration-Team-Meeting-Office-SQUARE.jpgFocuses on the information that must be captured, using a Data-First™ approach
  • Simplifies development with one environment for business and IT
  • Offers superior extensibility, interoperability, and portability
  • Extends functionality with fully integrated modules including mobility and file management
  • Conforms to your specific workflows through fully configurable App Accelerators or Agile development
  • Provides unparalleled flexibility through platform independent, open architecture
  • Meets your deployment needs with various secure hosting options (federally accredited and secure)


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