Software Solutions For Municipal Courts

Reinvest lost time and taxpayers’ dollars into technology that streamlines processes, eliminate mountains of paperwork, and ultimately help your municipal court run more efficiently while expanding access to justice.

Here a just a few of the tools Tyler Technologies offers municipal courts:

Case Management System 
Simplify overloaded court calendar, reduce processing times for defendant notices, and effectively respond to increasingly crowded courtrooms and payment windows with a software solution specifically designed to navigate the challenges local courts face every day.

Virtual Court 
More than just a video stream, Tyler's virtual court solution intentionally integrates with its CMS to provide a seamless process for court staff and defendants. Because it was built for courts, the platform provides ease of use and a more secure data management process than other video options available for the general public.

Case Resolution Tools
Empower citizens to truly take ownership of their court experience by providing easy access to information. From the moment a case lands on your docket until the final payment is received, these tools work together to help courts resolve cases quickly and efficiently.

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