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Property Reassessment

The City of Newport has contracted with Tyler Technologies to conduct a reassessment project, updating the assessed values for all real property in the City. The reassessment is mandated by the State of Rhode Island, which requires that all cities and towns revalue property every three years. The effective date of the previous reassessment was December 31, 2020, and this project will value all real property as of December 31, 2023.

The purpose of conducting the reassessment is to maintain fairness and equity in local property taxation. Real estate markets change over time, and these changes can lead to tax inequities if assessed values are not updated regularly. Although the reassessment may result in changes to the property tax of individual property owners, this process is revenue-neutral and unrelated to the overall amount of property tax levied by the City of Newport.

The reassessment project includes a process of data collection for properties that have recently sold or that have outstanding building permits. If either of these apply to your property, a Tyler Technologies data collector may visit your property. During this visit, the data collector may ask questions about your property, request a walk through the interior, and measure the exterior. All data collectors will carry proper identification. Most properties in the City will not be visited by a data collector during this project.

For more information, please download our frequently asked questions document and check back for updates as the project progresses. Key dates as well as pictures of the data collectors will be uploaded to this website. If you have any doubt if a data collector is in your area, please feel free to call the City Assessor’s Office at 401.845.5364.

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We compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand how a reassessment works and how it affects you. Click the link below to review the questions and responses.

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