Leveraging Data to Respond to Pressing Needs

As government leaders work tirelessly to serve their communities during this unprecedented time, facts are critical for curating thoughtful responses on the municipal, state, and federal levels, as well as the frontlines of the COVID-19 health crisis. We are proud of our client's meaningful work to make data-driven decisions in their response to this health crisis. From leveraging data to support the allocation of staff resources, understanding clusters with 311 data, and providing tools to help the sick and economically challenged, our clients' focus is to put facts and data first.

Tyler’s Socrata solution is purpose-built for government and gives you and your team instant access to the data you need to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis in your communities. The Socrata platform is cloud-native, FedRAMP certified and features an easy to use interface that facilitates internal collaboration, a robust open data network, and the ability to share up-to-date facts with internal stakeholders and your constituents.

Tyler Technologies is here to support government leaders as they respond to their community's needs. If you would like to discuss how data can be used in your response to this health crisis, please connect with us.

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Optimizing Your Response to COVID-19

In this webinar, discover how your colleagues in government are using the Socrata solution to address and optimize their response efforts during this unprecedented health crisis.

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3 Tips for Responding to the Pandemic With Data

Tyler’s Socrata solution team has been collaborating with clients to create useful dashboards that aid in responding to the crisis in their communities. Read more to discover quick tips for responding to the health crisis with data. 

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Solve Emerging Issues With Data

Connecticut put actionable information in the hands of the people and organizations at the front-lines of the substance use crisis in their state. Read Connecticut's four replicable strategies for leveraging data to address pressing issues in communities on the ground.

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Socrata Solution for COVID-19 Response

Read our solution sheet to discover how the Socrata solution can help local and federal government agencies connect, centralize, and contextualize data to inform their COVID-19 response.

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Tyler's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Get the most up-to-date information on Tyler Technologies' health and safety precautions.

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City and County of San Francisco

The city and county of San Francisco launches COVID-19 data tracker on the Socrata platform to manage the allocation of staff resources, resources to help the sick, and informative data for the public to understand virus trends in their community.

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City of Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles uses their data on the Socrata Open Data Cloud to fuel the “Food Access” map. Communities in LA can now easily find locations for food access, including pantries, LAUSD Grab and Go Food centers, and supermarket access.

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State of Connecticut

Explore the state of Connecticut’s Perspectives page that serves as the single, centralized place to access and communicate the state’s data and resources for COVID-19. The state uses Socrata Connected Government Cloud to connect and collaborate on a central repository of the data to inform their outreach.

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Buffalo, New York & Ramsey County, Minnesota

See how our clients in Buffalo, New York and Ramsey County, Minnesota are able to centralize their response to COVID-19 around authoritative, real-time data using Socrata Connected Government Cloud. This empowers government leaders, the private sector, and citizens to easily understand the impacts of the virus and inform critical decisions. 

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