Tyler Recovery Insights empowers leaders with insights from internal and 3rd party data to understand the full picture behind economic data.

Tyler Recovery Insights

Tyler Recovery Insights empowers leaders with insights from internal and third-party data to understand the full picture behind their communities' economic renewal.

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Envision a Post-Pandemic Economy

Take a data-informed approach to economic recovery with a solution that provides critical insights from internal operational data as well as third-party data on consumer spending and business revenues. All deployed on the FedRAMP certified and cloud-native Socrata data platform.

With Tyler Recovery Insights, municipal and state government leaders can put unified and secure data at the forefront of economic growth and equity conversations. 

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Recovery Insights Key Features

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Deployed and ready to be
utilized in under four weeks.

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Unite your historical data with machine learning to understand growth patterns.

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Third-Party Data

Third-party data providers enable insight into economic activity.

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Recovery Readiness Guide

In Tyler's Recovery Readiness Guide, you will find strategies for how government leaders can implement a successful recovery informed by civic metrics such as building permits, licenses, and tax revenue. 

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The Power of Third-Party Data

Utilize third-party data in your economic recovery plan to get key indicators such as housing market trends and credit spending insight. Tyler's strategic partnerships with data providers like Affinity SolutionsTM and WomplyTM enables government leaders with a new and engaging way to understand local economic activity.

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Is Your Data Ready?

Ensure your data is ready for making quick, critical decisions that are rooted in evidence. Explore our guide to see how a robust data infrastructure can be a guiding light for a thoughtful economic recovery.

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Iowa's Data Infrastructure Empowers a Quick Response

Iowa's Pandemic Recovery Report supports how officials track and report on the allocation of CARES Act funds by leveraging third-party and internal operational data. Read how the state's existing and robust data infrastructure enabled the quick deployment of their recovery dashboard.

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