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Tyler Technologies is well positioned to help federal agencies meet government mandates like the Evidence Act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). With Tyler Technologies' data and case management platform solutions that help you access, discover, and collaborate on your data, we can help your agency thrive in a data-driven world. Complete the form to connect with our experts!

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Thank you for your interest in Tyler's solutions! 

3 Key Steps to Make Data Actionable

There’s no question of the value of data in helping get to better decisions. But given the wealth of data in the government, how best to derive usefulness from data has become a central theme as agencies, four years in, continue to implement the mandates of the Evidence Act. In this article, Tyler Tech experts explore 3 crucial steps to make data work for your organization.

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Manage every step of a FOIA Request

There are currently several hundred federal agencies, sub agencies, and offices that process FOIA requests. Tyler Technologies has developed a configurable solution for tracking FOIA requests, which is currently being used by the Department of Justice, Office of Information Policy, and is prepared to help your agency modernize its FOIA process. Learn about our expertise providing case management solutions to federal agencies and get a look at our FOIA application.

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