Building strong, resilient, connected communities.

In the ever-changing world of local government, much is asked of you. You're committed to serving your entire community, regardless of each member’s circumstances, background, abilities, or resources. You are the heart of agencies and departments that keep our governments functioning when they are needed most.

For more than 35 years, we have partnered with the public sector to deliver the software and services that are essential to governments and the communities that serve all of us. With more than 27,000 installations at more than 11,000 sites across the nation, we remain steadfast in our mission to help build a stronger, better future for our communities.

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Although we can't meet face-to-face, Tyler Technologies is committed to empowering the public sector to build strong, resilient, connected communities.

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Financial Management

Securely manage data and streamline processes throughout your organization.


Revenue Management

Deliver critical services to your customers while improving efficiency and effectiveness within your organization.


Human Capital Management

Help make strategic workforce decisions and manage personnel throughout the employee life cycle. 


Utility Billing

Help make strategic workforce decisions and manage personnel throughout the employee life cycle. 

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Tyler is a strong partner to the public sector

Leveraged by more than 4,500 cities, counties, and special districts, our financial management solutions deliver real-time insight into your data to support strategic decision-making, compliance with GAAFR and GAAP standards, and access to accurate, timely reporting and budget forecasting.