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Detroit PD Improves Image With Community 

A Detroit agency implemented Agency Intelligence to improve transparency internally and externally, and mitigate risk for their agency. 

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Tracking Data to Improve Transparency 

Discover how Westland Police Department improved transparency and received an NAACP award while using Agency Intelligence. 

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Meeting Public Demands for Transparency

Explore the best course of action to improve transparency for your agency.

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What to Expect When Implementing Transparency in Agencies

Learn how to manage the public reaction and conversation when implementing transparency.

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A leading early intervention solution for modern agencies 

With Early Intervention in place, agency leaders can proactively identify key performance indicators to ensure optimal health, wellness, and operations with 360-degree views of agency and officer activity. Unlike other early intervention systems (EIS), Agency Intelligence investigates each critical data point to proactively identify positive performance indicators and areas of opportunity within an agency.

Tyler's Early Intervention solution helps agencies:

  • Collect key information needed to understand teams proficiently
  • Provide preventative alerts via threshold-driven artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Empower leadership with tools to act purposefully

Core components of Early Intervention include:

  • Identifying exemplary behavior and negative performance indicators
  • Tracking use of force, citizen complaints, pursuits, officer injuries, training, and wellness
  • Streamlined workflow enabling supervisors to track performance, resolution tasks, and more
  • Reporting and alerts related to officer activity and overall agency health 

The journey to modern policing is built upon never-before-seen transparency in a public safety solution. Whether your agency leverages one or all of Agency Intelligence’s Early Intervention capabilities, agencies and communities can disseminate information internally and externally, so that everyone from the chief of police to the mayor and the average citizen on the street fully understand what’s happening in their law enforcement agency.

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