Throughout the country, public safety organizations – police, sheriff’s offices, tribal police, transit authority police, postal police departments, and fire and rescue agencies – choose Tyler for the right tools for their jobs.

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Computer-Aided Dispatch


Built to manage single- or multi-agency dispatching, our CAD solutions deliver mission-critical information when you need it to improve situational awareness, make effective decisions, and keep citizens and first responders safe.

CAD Grant Assistance

Electronic Citation


Our advanced, flexible e-citation solution simplifies electronic ticketing to help patrol officers capture, process, and transmit data to public safety and court solutions on a variety of mobile devices.

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Records Management

Streamline the process of collecting, storing, and retrieving critical information with our RMS solutions. From a centralized repository, manage data via inquiries, reporting, data sharing, investigations, and administrative processes.

RMS Grant Assistance

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200+ Public Safety Grants Currently Available Nationwide

CARES Act Funding is Still Available. Click to learn more!

National Officer Safety Initiatives Program

The goal of this grant is to support our nation’s officers through three new national programs: innovative approaches for strengthening officer wellness, partnering to reduce violent crime and to reduce safety, and dynamic defensive tactics training.

Opioid Abuse Reduction Funding

The purpose of this grant is to provide agencies the funding and tech solution assistance they need to cohesively develop plans to work through the opioid epidemic in their community.

Homeland Security Grant (HSGP)

The goal of this grant is to provide funding for building and sustaining national preparedness capabilities. It addresses the identified planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercise needs to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism and other catastrophic events.

American Rescue Plan Act

State and local governments have been leading communities through COVID-19 response, monitoring, and recovery since day one. With an additional $1.9 trillion in flexible funds provided through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), businesses and residents are feeling more hope than ever before.

Free Grant Assistance

We know the grant process can be daunting, but Tyler is excited to share our free grant assistance initiative. We can help public safety agencies, just like yours, find funds so you can move forward with making technology upgrade plans. 

Work with our team to get the product information you need, along with the grants available to you. Whether you're looking for computer aided dispatch, records management, mobile, or e-ticketing solutions, we will work with you through the process to help secure grant funding.

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We'll assist you with the application and review before you submit. Discounted grant writing services are available if needed.

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Grant Assistance Overview 

Looking for additional details? Check out this quick on-demand webinar to get a full overview of Tyler's free grant assistance program.

The American Rescue Plan Act

Advocate for your department to secure ARPA funding. Not sure where to start? Tyler has the resources to help guide your agency through the process.

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