Tyler Drive Is the Only Fully Integrated Tablet Solution

True Route Guidance

Driver directions including all lefts and rights are identical to routes built in the Tyler transportation software

Student Ridership for Today and Tomorrow

Hear from our clients as they discuss their success meeting student needs and parent expectations.

Live Updates and Missed Stops

Tyler Drive can receive pushed updates mid-route, or reroute a driver to missed stops, while following pre-set district rules

See Tyler Drive in Action

See Tyler Drive at the STN Expo in Indianapolis June 7-12, or learn more at our website.

The Tyler Transportation Suite

The Versatrans product suite offers a complete student transportation management solution, one that helps districts improve every aspect of the transportation process — or focus on just one piece. Learn more »

Tyler Drive is an innovative solution using a tablet which is mounted on the school bus console. The ultimate onboard solution, Tyler Drive keeps your buses on course, enhances student safety, improves inspections, and much more. Learn more »

Traversa is a comprehensive solution that offers a seamless user experience. No other student transportation solution today offers this kind of all-inclusive, fully-integrated functionality. Learn more »

Connected Parents are 
Informed Parents

Apps for parents help improve communication and safety, while reducing the amount of time your staff spends answering the phone. Traversa Ride 360 can enhance Traversa and improve the service you provide your families.

Connected Districts are
Efficient Districts

When information flows seamlessly between directors, drivers, and staff, districts can deliver safer, more efficient transportation to every student. Our Versatrans and Traversa software solutions are the market leaders, with nearly 2,000 clients across the United States and Canada.