COVID & Equity
A Nationwide Hackathon Series to Support Recovery From COVID-19

COVID & Equity brings together designers, developers, and local government leaders who are interested in working on solutions to equitably support the public's recovery from COVID-19. Through a newly formed collaborative with the National League of Cities, Code for America, and many others, COVID & Equity is a series of events modeling a human-centered design process. COVID & Equity will culminate with an online hackathon at the NLC City Summit to develop useful solutions to enable governments to equitably and efficiently respond to their new reality post-COVID-19.

Government leaders will provide challenges in their community and connect with civic developers. Together, we will build connected communities to solve the rapidly changing needs caused by COVID-19 and increase focus on equity in our cities. 

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COVID & Equity for Local Governments 

As a local government leader, you are already familiar with delivering rapid response and developing innovative ways to overcome the evolving challenges related to COVID-19. Join us in building scalable solutions to assist local governments in tackling the most pressing, looming issues. What challenges are you facing currently?

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COVID & Equity for the Tech Community

There is no better time for technology and government to intertwine. As a result of COVID-19, local government innovation is evolving at hyper-speed. Join this social good effort to share your expertise and support the communities where we all live, work, and play.

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While we navigate social distancing and isolation, we are stronger in numbers. Bring your expertise and ideas to aide in building solutions to influence and evolve response capabilities in all local governments. 

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Partnerships are what drives real change. We’re fortunate to have developed collaborative partnerships to make COVID & Equity the hackathon that ripples throughout our communities to support innovation, agility, and resilience. Meet the team behind COVID & Equity.

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