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From off-the-shelf individual applications to a full Medicaid modernization project, the Application Platform can be configured to support the workflows of virtually any health, human services, or benefits program.

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Tyler's Application Platform is the only low-code case management application development platform purpose-built for the government. The platform is used to develop and configure applications that are tailored to an agency or office's needs at a fraction of the cost of custom development.


Supercharged Case Management for HCBS Waiver Processing 

Tyler's HCBS case management solutions are based on a cutting-edge platform dedicated to enhancing quality and efficiency in disability benefits. Our applications ensure timely information access for self-directed program participants, their representatives, counselors, and nurses. Additionally, it facilitates seamless communication with fiscal employment and income maintenance agency providers, empowering all stakeholders to deliver exceptional care and support. Experience a new era of streamlined HCBS management with Tyler's innovative solution.


Modernizing Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MESs) with Appeal Case Management

Our Appeals Case Management software is specifically designed to help public administrations who face the mounting pressure from claims processing transition to a smoother more efficient workflow. Empower your organization with the tools they need to deliver superior service to the huge population who rely on Medicaid benefits.


Strengthening Medicaid Program Integrity

Discover how Tyler's Application Platform revolutionizes how you safeguard and optimize your Medicaid programs. Effectively detect and prevent fraud and abuse with our intuitive Platform that streamlines case management processes. Empower your team with advanced analytics, real-time insights, and automated workflows to ensure compliance, reduce errors, and protect vital resources. Elevate the integrity of your to new heights with our innovative technology, and make a lasting impact.  


Critical Incident Management

State agencies have a responsibility to protect program participants from critical incidents. One of the best tools for combatting incidents is data. Tyler can configure and deploy a system that allows you to handle everything from incident detection and reporting to triage, analysis, investigation, resolution, tracking, and trending.

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